Maximum to Minimum: Learning to Sharpen Our Writing

  1. To complete this exercise, you should rewrite each of the following sentences in order to express the maximum amount of meaning while using the minimum number of required words.
  2. The highly reflective, shiny windshield on the car parked in the full sun caught the rays of the sun and sent forth such light that I couldnít look and had to turn my head away.
  3. It was impossible for me to imagine that anyone hosting a television awards show would be so ineloquent that she would keep stuttering throughout the entire presentations all evening.
  4. I donít remember ever seeing anyone whose nimble fingers traversed with such alacrity the frets on the neck of the guitar.
  5. It would be inappropriate, to say the least, for you to inquire into the amount of fiscal resources with which her father is able to provide for his familyís needs each year.
  6. The kitten, exhausted after repeatedly running across the carpet while chasing the ball, finally sank into slumber after approaching her as she sat on the couch and climbing into her lap.
  7. It is inconsequential to me whether you decide to do one thing or whether you decide to do something altogether different.
  8. After I had formulated my initial opinion of the man, I wondered if I had misjudged him, ascribing to him qualities and characteristics that he did not, in fact, possess.
  9. The heavy, gray clouds filtered out the sunlight, leaving the landscape in less than bright light, the effect of which was to make me feel somewhat gloomy and not at all energetic.
  10. Ever since I can remember, as far back as two or three years of age, I have found no pleasure in the exceptionally sour taste of raw lemons before they were made into lemonade.
  11. His proposed embellishments of the rather plain-looking room were not well received by me in spite of the fact that I agreed wholeheartedly with his foundational premise that the facade of the room required revamping.
  12. I was in desperate need to procure some conveyance with which to transport myself each day to my place of employment.
  13. I was overcome with embarrassment on the occasion of my spilling, while in her immediate presence, soup onto the lapel of my new jacket, so much so that the hue of my visage changed from its normal flesh color to that of scarlet.
  14. Before you engage on any such reckless course of action, you should reevaluate the options the occasion presents to you, seeking to redress your situation with solutions that will not augment your current distress.
  15. I am reluctant to be somewhat mundane, considering the cuisine of our current eating establishment, in ordering a cheeseburger and some French fried potatoes.
  16. The deliberate or accidental acquisition of a high voltage power line, one possibly downed in a storm or other weather phenomenon, is highly disadvised, as it could result in the cessation of your life.
  17. One should be every vigilant to cogitate prior to any act of verbalization.
  18. I wish fervently to retract my previous enunciations, having realized how deleterious their content has been to your emotional equilibrium.
  19. John extended his digit and rubbed his proboscis, thereby alleviating the unpleasant sensation of tingling that he was experiencing.
  20. Melody read the romance novel until, in her supine position, she entered into a diminished state of consciousness accompanied by slowed respiration, culminating in the REM stage of slumber.