Everything You Should Already Know About
Before Coming Into Junior English

by Steve Miser (H-208)

Scope and Sequence of English Knowledge and Skills

Joint meetings of the English departments of the middle schools, intermediate high schools, and BAHS have established a Scope and Sequence of English Knowledge and Skills. This simply means that the English departments have agreed on the grade levels at which concepts and skills are introduced, practiced, and finally mastered. Students are expected to master some knowledge and skills prior to entering intermediate high school. The English departments have agreed that students are responsible for mastering all the information on this web site by the conclusion of their sophomore year. Therefore, I expect all students to have mastery over the material included on this site upon entering their junior year.

This site is made available to help those who need remediation for skills not yet mastered, and to provide a review for those who have already mastered the material. Tests and quizzes will be given throughout the school year over material contained in this site to help keep knowledge and skills sharp in anticipation for college-level work.