Practice Test No. 1

Select the correct answer for each of the following 33 questions,
then click on the "Score My Test" button.

    ♦ Parts of Speech

  1. Jacob wants to attend MIT in the fall.

  2. I think I will vote for Charlie for class secretary.

  3. ♦ Pronoun Types

  4. Don't these look good!

  5. I think someone has my algebra book.

  6. ♦ Personal Pronoun Inflections

  7. Give the person, number, gender, and case of we

  8. What is the third person, singular, neuter, objective personal pronoun?

  9. ♦ Verb Analysis

  10. Maria will have saved $700 by the end of summer.

  11. Walter was elected vice-president of his class.

  12. Which of the following is not possible?

  13. ♦ Verb Tenses

  14. The lake has frozen solid for the winter.

  15. One night, late in October, John was walking his German shepherd around his neighborhood.

  16. By this time tomorrow, Jake will have been dancing for 48 straight hours, trying to win the dance marathon.

  17. ♦ Adjectives and Adverbs

  18. Which question does an adjective not answer?

  19. The premier feature started very late Saturday night.

  20. ♦ Prepositional Phrases

  21. The dogs under the porch bark at passing strangers.

  22. During the summer, the dogs sleep under the porch where it was cooler.

  23. ♦ Conjunction Types

  24. Either turn down that music or turn it to another station!

  25. ♦ Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

  26. During his long reign, the king was always thinking how to introduce bowling to his admiring subjects.

  27. I enjoy jogging along the beach at sunset as the waves lap onto the shore.

  28. ♦ Participles and Participial Phrases

  29. Thinking to enhance his social position at court, Charles gave expensive gifts to the king.

  30. The mirror, shattered by his massive fists, lay in pieces on the floor.

  31. ♦ Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases

  32. His dream, to retire by age fifty to a little villa in Italy overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, now seemed impossible.

  33. How is the infinitive used in the above sentence?

  34. ♦ Sentence Types: Purpose

  35. When are you going to finish your history project?

  36. ♦ Sentence Types: Structure

  37. I wish I could go with you, but I have a doctor's appointment that day.

  38. Either Maria or Victoria must pick up the poodle from the vet.

  39. Mary loved a wide range of movies; however, she would not attend a "slasher" film.

  40. ♦ Simple Sentence Patterns

  41. Jane's class elected her "most likely to succeed."

  42. After college, Brad started his own business manufacturing travel trailers.

  43. Wanda Jean is unquestionably the smartest girl in the seventh grade this year.

  44. ♦ Subordinate Clauses

  45. When Victor wants something, he usually finds a way to get it.

  46. She told him exactly what he wanted to hear.

  47. Is the man who is hiding behind his newspaper one of the good guys or one of the bad guys?